By rainie

Keeping an eagle eye....

....as the munching continues.  I consulted Mrs Google, she tells me caterpillars have six sets of eyes, really ?
I photographed one yesterday, just using  my 60mm macro.  He was less than a cm in length.  Since it was Tiny Tuesday I've used my three extension tubes attached to the 60mm to get a much closer shot.  But with the extension tubes it is much harder to get sharpness.  I reckon his eye isn't too bad.

What a lazy day both of us have had.....tennis and cricket with our national side making a clean sweep;  the tennis brilliant too, with our kiwi boy taking down world #35.  Now settling into the evening session.

Backing up my 2018 photos this afternoon, I do it weekly mostly, but haven't done backup since just before Christmas - plus, I've put my years (plus extras) Blips into Flickr as a second backup....took an age loading 476 images, my biggest folder to date.  Thought best to use Flickr since I'm paying for it now.


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