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By arkensielphoto

Pasta for Lunch

I went to London today with our daughter and granddaughter. Victoria is due to have further surgery next week and today’s visit was her pre-op appointment. This should be her last operation on her hips and is to take the plate out of her left leg and the screws out of her right leg. There will be a one or two night stay.
We had lunch in Pizza Express afterwards and this is where today’s picture was taken. This was gluten free pasta with tomatoes and peppers, topped with rocket. This was the best pasta dish I have had for a while and much better than Prezzo or Zizzi. Pizza Express use only gluten free pasta now; well they did in this London location, not sure that they do everywhere. The extra is of my pudding, gluten free carrot cake served with coffee.

Lunch was excellent and paid for by Victoria; I always pay when we go out. She sneakily paid the bill while I visited the toilet before we came home. Thank you Victoria.

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