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By keibr

Camera Rebellions and Cold Hands

The world is still icy here with temperatures just under zero and almost no snow. It was windy though today and felt so very chilly outside that we returned home for extra clothes after we stepped outside the shelter of our garden and felt that wind!
Anyway we ended up down on the lake because the ice there is flat and there's a small thin ribbon of snow around much of the edge, making it easier to relax and walk. In this picture Jan is standing on that strip of snow, probably working out if those reeds are photogenic enough for a blip.
The ice had a beautiful pattern of crystal development, with slightly raised edges around each crystal. The fine snow blowing across the ice was caught in those edges, picking them out very nicely.  You can see that even better on the extra picture, taken with my phone.
Why did I use the phone? Modern cameras are so good and so versatile and normally that is wonderful but today it was merely frustrating.  I had turned on the "post focus" function by accident so every time I took a picture the camera produced a short film with focus points from 50 cm to infinity. (You choose the focus point you want afterwards and the camera creates a jpeg from that film frame.) This was not what I needed but I couldn't remember how to turn this function on or off and every time I took my gloves off to fiddle my hands froze.  In the end I gave up and switched to the phone.
Today the yoga went much better. Some of the exercises were similar to what I've done before and it needed less raw strength, or perhaps I'm just getting into it!
PS I now know turning the post focus on/off is button Fn2 on a Lumix TZ100!!!!

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