By Missycat


The sun did make an appearance today, which was welcome after some very grey days, and finally the daffodils which I bought on Saturday, to compensate for the removal of the Christmas tree, decided to show their faces and bring their own sunshine to the living  room.
In other news, my day has been quite a busy one.  J, our decorator arrived for the second day of his repainting of our main bathroom.  I managed to write a few work emails, go out for coffee with a friend, do some supermarket shopping, go to a Dr's appointment to get a repeat prescription for Naproxen (osteoarthritis) and finally pick up Violet from her after school childminder.  She is spending the night with us while her mummy and partner continue to pack up their flat ready for the big move at the weekend.  Oh and this evening, Mr MC and I ordered a new toilet to be picked up from Homebase tomorrow:  a worrying crack has appeared in the cistern of the shower room loo and so we've had to put it out of action (rather than risk a flood) until we can get the new one fitted, hopefully this week!
I've been cheeky in tagging this for TT, as this is not a macro, nor are the daffs tiny, although they are quite small!

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