By Missycat

If I fits...

...I sits!  Peggy Sue tried out this theory in several places today, with varying degrees of success.  Featured is the most successful of her efforts: the rest will remain in our private collection only!

Today is of course, Twelfth night, or Epiphany and in our house we deem it bad luck not to have the Christmas decorations down by the end of the day.  I do have far too many decorations.  I takes me over a week to put them up and several days to take them down again.  Yesterday we dealt with the front room, kitchen and hall and today was the dismantling of the nature themed tree in the dining room.  I do love all these ornaments  and I'm always sad to put them away.  Peggy Sue's antics as she placed herself firmly in a rather tiny storage box did make me smile though.

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