Vaul Bay

Friends were due to fly over in the afternoon, and we were meeting them at the airport. There was a little shopping needing to be done so the party split into 2, with 4 of us driving to Vaul Bay to go for a short walk. It was quite windy and the sea was rough and showers came and went. It’s a lovely bay with a broch and a dun to look at; the blip shows the dun and a typical Tiree Black House that mimics the natural line of the hill fort. We got back to the house to find that the plane was cancelled so our friends had to drive back home, so that was a bit sad. We went for another walk and then had haggis for tea, before playing games until the bells. We were first footed at about 1 which meant a late end to 2018.

Yesterday’s blip.   

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