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Door Blessing

Blessing on the door, actually, of Fotheringhay church.  I thought it rather beautiful – the prayer and the church.

I went flying again today, taking our chief psychologist flying; she has a lot of responsibility in helping to investigate aircraft accidents and near-accidents so it was important to give her a bit of time in the air, show her some of the limitations of the human senses when airborne and to demonstrate the environment.  It's an alien environment, one which robs the pilot of some of his/her brain power.

She enjoyed it.  I managed to get the aircraft on the ground before "slight nausea" turned into physical manifestation, but she managed to sit through a wingover (chandelle) and a loop as well as a tight turn to demonstrate the onset of G.  After that I flew another trip with student teaching him to deal with engine failure and to fly forced landings in the fields southeast of Oundle.

And on the way home I stopped in Fotheringhay; the sun was setting behind the church as I drove south on the approach road to the village, then I saw that the church was open so I accepted the invitation.

The extra photos are of the church and of my passenger today.

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