By dfb24

Closed After Dark....

....and if you're not gone by then, you'll be clapped in chains and thrown down the bluff into the Lake, never to be seen again!!!   
We saw this sign on our walk this morning....another cloudy, dismal day, but much colder at 19 degrees (F), so we weren't out very long. Tom asked me why I was taking a picture of the sign, and I said it appealed to me with those chains hanging off of it & (jokingly) added that they must chain you up if you're not gone on time. At which point he very patiently started to explain to me that the chains were pulled across the road when the park closed. That's when I gave him "THE LOOK"--you ladies know the one I mean--the one that clearly said to him that the purpose of the chains had most certainly not escaped me, nor did I need their purpose to be explained to me!  Then he gave me his return "LOOK"--the exasperated one that says, just as clearly, "I should have known....she's whacked"!   A really good day! :)))))

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