By dfb24


I've been out running around all morning--a trip to drop off some unneeded things at Goodwill, return some books and pick up a couple more at the library, pick up some groceries, drop off a card at the post office to be mailed, etc.  On my travels I passed a trailer parked alongside the railroad tracks. The trailer had two short sections of railroad tracks laid on top of it, so I swung around and came back to take a few pictures, as they made really nice lines. The tracks are off to the side of an assisted living building & as I was deciding what angle I wanted for the picture, I noticed first one man standing in the window of the building....then a couple ladies came to watch me, and then a second gentleman. When they saw I was looking at them, they all started waving, and it made me laugh, so of course I waved back! I thought they all must be pretty bored if watching me take a couple pictures with my cell phone was entertainment! :))
Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday and her theme of "lines". 

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