By dfb24

Ev. Luth. St. Lucas Kirche

I needed to stop at the frame shop today, and this church, which is so pretty with its yellow brick,  is just down the street from the shop. 
The congregation was formed in 1872 by a group of German immigrants who settled here in what is now BayView. At the time, although this area was an unincorporated little settlement, many of the men were able to find work at the nearby Milwaukee Iron Company. The original church, built by the congregation on land donated by the Iron Company, was a small wooden structure, which was later converted to a school after the present church was built in 1888. What amazed me reading through the history of this church was that all services were conducted entirely in German until 1927, when English began being used for Sunday School classes. While the church then held occasional services in English, German was primarily used in its services until the mid 1960's!   :))

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