By dfb24

No snow...

...yet. Just ice & brutal wind! This is one of the windows on our house—we can’t even see out of it because of the thick ice. A large tree branch broke off the tree in front of our neighbor’s house, and the city sent a crew to get it out of the street. I wish they’d have looked up, as actually two large branches broke off, but only one fell to the ground. The second is precariously caught on a lower branch & it’s only a matter of time until it falls; just hope no cars are parked underneath when it does. The news keeps cutting into the TV programs to show yet another accident on the expressway, & they keep telling people to stay home, but from the number of cars on the road most people aren’t listening. For us, we’ll have a nice quiet day tucked in at home.......unless the snow gets here & we have to shovel! :)

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