By dfb24

The Love Locks...

...are starting to freeze, and while the thermometer said 34 degrees (F), it felt much colder because of the wind off the Lake. Tom was going to walk with me on the beach, but it was too cold for him so he went back into the car to wait, which is best, as I sure don't want him to get sick.  I tried a few shots using the photo ball--my plan was to have Tom hold it up for me to catch some of the crashing waves, but without my assistant I was reduced to propping it on a small rock, then had to practically fold myself in half to get any pictures. I put one of them into the extras, just because I had to work so hard to get it! Haha! (& in the picture you can see the chunks of ice that are laying on the sand). I also put in a shot of the wave hitting the locks.....the locks are at the end of the observation platform, which is a good 15 feet above the Lake, so the waves were pretty high today. The third extra is a shot of the rocks alongside the platform,  all covered in ice. Hope you're all having a great weekend!  :))

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