By dogwithnobrain

T for Two and Two for T

I delighted himself by taking along the pocket scrabble on holiday.

Himself is very competitive and won’t let me win; to rectify this mater purchased me a scrabble cheat so that I could win.

I didn’t take that with me. So I lost. Almost every time

My handbag is a bit of a quandary. I was supposed to empty my bag when we went on holiday - leave all the work things behind. And I thought I did; but then I discovered while we on holiday I had four batteries in my bag. Not sure where they came from but all of the scrabble was there except 1 D and 1 T.

So we came home from holiday and himself said ‘your bag needs washed; empty it’. So I emptied and and himself checked it and we put it in wash.

And then in work today - on desk the ‘t’ which was missing. How did it land in my desk; when I only put scrabble in my bag as I was leaving on holiday (not in work) ... and now bag is in wash?

Have I been carrying a t around stuck to my arm or something?

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