By dogwithnobrain

So True, Funny How it Seems

Oh my heavens, we had such fun tonight ...  we found The Big Match on BT Sports tonight - featuring 30th April 1983.  Check out the date in the corner. 

Liverpool were playing Tottenham at Spurs  - look at the Team List.   I can read ALL OF THE NAMES.   I recognise at least 8 of them.   And check out the Sub.  Steve Nicol (See Extra )  He was 3 years above me at school. 

Spandau Ballet were number one.  

I was working out my notice in the Bank; I wasn't in a happy place.  Two weeks before I had made my mind up and celebrated that night with a night out at The Pavillion in Ayr seeing New Order.   I don't think I have ever been so drunk before then, or since then.  

It was definitely a turning point in my life.  in four months I would head off to Edinburgh and my life would take a new direction. 

But back to the football.  The shorts were short.  The stands were 6 ft away from the side lines.   The pitches were muddy and lumpy - grass was at a premium.    There was football, there were punches, there was no diving, and there was no tantrums. 

Men were men, and they had BAD MOUSTACHES. 

Take me back.

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