By dogwithnobrain

You run me right round

Most hated machine. 

I promised Si I would use it this year.   

I started this week . 

I can manage 7 minutes Total. 

Si laughs, because I go "backwards". 

My legs don't automatically go forward on it. 

I also have a problem with my arms.  They cramp if I hold the little handlebars.  They cramp if i hold the swingy bars. 

The tedium bores me to death. 

Tonight, instead of Alexa playing Jack and Chill, I decided to watch videos. 

I opted for James Cordon Sky-diving with Tom Cruise, and outtakes from Jumajii. 

The time passed a little faster,  but I was still wobbling when it finished. 

OM G  And I finished Dracula last night, and woke up at 4.40 am with a nightmare.... and lay for an HOUR terrified out of my mind. 

And also - You'll love this.... 

We put the wildlife camera in the hall, because Tooli said that the cats acted very peculiarly when she was in the house, but didn't know she was there.  

After my nightmare last night, I wandered downstairs for a drink... and there, in all it's glory this morning, was my bare BUM

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