By dogwithnobrain

And you're here in my heart

Such a lovely day today.  

My heart has been warmed ten times over. 

I was supposed to get an eye examine today, but I decided that as the optician is in the next county; and their Covid levels are twice what they are here; the last thing I wanted to be doing, was sitting in a confined room with someone who has been mixing with many other people in that area today.   So I cancelled. 

Then I had a lovely conversation with Tooli, me from my bed (you can see me bottom left), and Tooli at her newly built desk and Chair in her bedroom in Oxford.  

Despite being out of school, she has been participating fully with the Math's Department and taking part in lessons on line with the children.  She let me hear a bit of her lesson today, and I was totally engrossed in what she was telling them, and trying to figure out the answers too. 

She is finishing off an assignment and had sent it to me to proof read for her.  She also sent it to Boy  - English Major....  He gave her things to think about, redundant sentences, aliteration, commas. 

I sat on the bed, and watched as he read through her work on screen, and commented, whilst she watched him on his phone and deleted additional words, and added in comas.  

I didn't have my phone with me, or I would have tried to capture a shot of the pair of them, working together, chatting like normal human beings who liked each other, laughing off each other, and general behaving like the adults I really hoped they would become. 

I am so fortunate, I really am. 

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