By dogwithnobrain

Let's Get Physical

Having Boy home for six weeks now has been amazing. 

It was quite difficult at first - for the last ten years we have only been used to him coming home for breaks and working holidays.  

We now we have settled into a pattern.  Me and Si get up - have breakfast go to work (in the bedrooms).  Boy and J get up.  Have coffee, read, and assess work, and then work out. 

Boy's dedication to his work outs is quite awesome (but not quite inspirational). ... it was pissing down with rain - so he couldn't do his usual bouncing around the garden, so the dining room it was. 

Then the both of them had a three mile run in the dark.  Oh for the light nights!!

At dinner time, Boy learns cooking from his dad.   Last night we had his "on his own" version of risotto and very lovely it was too.     While he made his risotto I made my Polenta Cake. 

The thing with Boy is, it's all about the input.  He has always needed input, 24 hours a day since he was up to my knee.  And he's still the very same. 

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