By dogwithnobrain

Those were the best years of my life

Someone posted this tonight - and what memories it brought back.

This was our Primary three choir and we had taken first place in our category at the local council singing competition.

Look at us; we are all so wee; the whole of our lives before us. Who knows what was going to happen.

One of the Boys in the photo showed me his Willy in exchange for me showing him my underarm. Excellent swap eh?

Years later…. I’d say 10 or 11 years.. I was looking down a list of new employees where I was working and there was his name….

I was so curious (he left our school soon after this photo was taken)…

i dallied with the idea that he would have grown up gorgeous and interesting and I would stand in front of him and he would say; ‘I remember your underarm what do you remember about me? And maybe all sorts would happen (behave…. I hadn’t met himself yet)

I had a look inside the induction course the day he started and sadly I was able to pick him out straight away.

He was completely identifiable and I made my exit without reminding him of my attractive armpits

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