Relics of a Bouquet

Despite sleeping much better last night, I still felt as if I was dragging myself around. I did manage, finally, to mount three photos for competition next week.

And finally, I got out my new light pad, which was a Christmas present to myself, using fallen seeds and rose petals from the Christmas bouquet as a subject.

I must admit I was disappointed, The illumination is not even, which is what I want. An iPad does a better job but the screen isn't big enough for my liking.

And I didn't have time to take the shot properly which is also why the focus is not even.

Len walked Basil round to see Colin who has returned home from hospital. I'm sure he's feeling delighted about that but I do wonder how he will get on.

Basil is recovering well from yesterday's op and is no doubt enjoying the fact that he is getting soft food all the time now. Back to hard kibble next week mate.

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