By hazelh

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle

I blipped early today on my way to work. Hey diddle diddle is currently on display on Middle Meadow Walk, and should be familiar to some of my blipfriends.

My day on campus with Frances was a race against time to complete the marking of students' scripts from the exam that we started on 12th December. We made it by 6:30pm, so that gives us tomorrow morning to check the course work marks, pass everything over to a colleague for moderation, formally submit the marks, then prepare the documentation for the external examiners.

Across town Mr hazelh took Mummy hazelh on a guided tour of the neighbourhood. The visited LIDL, Tesco, the post office, and the fishmonger. They also prepared dinner together. A cheese, tomato and polenta back was waiting on the kitchen table for me when I returned home.

Exercise today: walking (13,844 steps).

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