By Missycat

FlowerFriday11_2019 Roses, tulips and a violet

If earlier this week was busy, then today was even busier:  Our decorator finished the bathroom and was clearing his stuff just as daughter #2's removal company arrived to bring in her bed and take away another  to put into storage.  There were just a few other items to find homes for too...
Fortunately on Fridays, the lovely J comes to help me clean, although today she had her work cut out for her to find spaces empty enought to clean!
This evening daughter #1 and I picked Violet up from her after school childminder and brought her back to wait for her mummy who was busy clearing the last bits from her flat,  I don't think that it has quite dawned on Violet yet that our house will be her home for the next few months.
My main shot is of this week's supermarket flowers, hopefully giving a hint of Spring with their colours,  See extra for a pic of Violet having a snack: I've given it a DeepArt effect as the phone pic is not good quality.
Many thanks to BikerBear for her continued hosting

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