Just Me

By clive1079


With my glaucoma issues this is about the only way I will ever be able to capture a bird and that's when they walk right up to the camera because they think I have food.

Quite a lazy day today although I was up very early for my normal taxi service I did come back home and slouch on the sofa for a few hours watching Titans on Netflix (Brilliant by the way!). Then spent an hour on Kronos, which is a business application, then slouched a bit more and watched some more Titans, then the West Ham games was on and we beat Arsenal. So not a bad day really!

Dryathlon Day 12 plus Diet is still going well. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and I know I'm not alone with some of you Dieting or Detoxing or Dryathloning. Good luck to everyone ... We can all do this!

I hope everyone has had a great day and I wish you all a lovely evening.

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