Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Today turned out surprisingly social.  On my travels I bumped into several friends, including blippers Redflash and HarrythePotter and another close friend I used to sing with.  Very pleasant, though owing to my total inefficiency while shopping for annoying little items, I had to keep doubling back on myself and spent far too long b*****ing about.

However, before that all started I wandered up and down the High Street a couple of times looking for today's blip.  The light was flat and there wasn't much of it, and most of the people I saw looked bored and grumpy, or bored and depressed (plus ça change..) but this pair lit up the morning as far as I was concerned and so won the lucky lottery ticket that is my blip for the day!

And what did the rest of the day hold?  Me sitting around swigging coffee (that last to be substituted later on for sloe gin - and, no, there isn't much left ;)))

Have a happy evening, peeps  xx

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