Good Times Bad Times

Well the house survived 'The Gathering' and Alfie seemed pretty happy with it all. One person was rather sick but they managed to get to a toilet. When I came down he was sitting in a chair with a carrier bag over his face. I think the rest of them were alright and there was an interesting selection of cans and bottles for recycling this morning. These people need to learn about proper beer though.

This morning we tidied the house, I took a load of stuff to a jumble sale (what a splendid thing they are) and then I got stuck with phone tech support.

My mum is visiting, I went to pick her up and then we popped into Waitrose to get food and drink. I had forgotten what an effective shopping weapon my mother is. She was round that shop like a whirling dervish, using the trolley to shove aside anyone who got in her way, children flying through the air, old folks catapulted into freezers it was carnage I tell you. I'm surprised we got out alive.

50 Years since Led Zeppelin 1 was released, I'm so glad I kept some of my vinyl.

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