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By davidd

T Shirt testing

Alf was out playing football this morning. It was a whitewash, they lost 10 - 0!

I seem to spend the rest of the day sorting photos and videos from last night. All good fun though and it reminded me I needed to back last year up properly, so I did that.

We have been thinking about this years Hendstock, Hendstock 9! After last night we have been wondering how we can get the Jazz Band involved, the issue in the past is that there are so many of them. There is a way though, we just need to work it out and see if they can do it.

I've also been mocking up a T shirt, the reasoning behind this one is..
It is Hendstock 9.
Ian, Hayley and I were all born in 1968.
The winning car at Le Mans in 1968 was a gulf racing sponsored ford GT 40 (gulf colours being light blue and orange), the car was no 9.
So it all makes perfect sense to me ;) I've handed it over to Bill (creative director) who I'm sure will make something completely different and much better. I should find out tomorrow, I'll post a shot of the next version.

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