By si_b

Week 1: Helios 40 - "Inspiration"

I was fortunate enough to receive a subscription to the print copy of "Black+White Photography" for Christmas, and the first edition in that subscription arrived today.

I used to have a digital subscription, which I'd enjoyed very much - but this is better :-) Beautiful photography from amazing artists, and I can hold it in my hands - thrilled to bits !

It's been a pretty lazy day otherwise - actually, I say that - I spent the morning writing a report for a trial on Monday. Any Barristers / Solicitors reading - sending something for forensic analysis on a Friday for your trial starting on Monday isn't _really_ the best way to make your forensic analyst happy ... It's generally not quite that easy ...

When the report was finished, it has been a pretty lazy day - I think that we're all still a bit shell shocked from the first week back !

Well, tomorrow is the last day with the Helios 40. Hoping to go into Oxford in the morning and get some shots from there to finish off with - fingers crossed for good weather !

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