By norfolkdoc

London Coliseum

We took a day trip to London to see Swan Lake today.  We opted for the matinee, as otherwise we would have had to catch the last train home, and getting in at 0200 is hard when you get to our age!

Loved the performance, didn't much like the rather restless kids in the seats in front of us.  Their mother was remarkably patient, though I did note that she had a glass of fizz in the second interval.  

The Coliseum is splendid, though I can find no information about why this noble figure of a man is using 3 lions to draw his chariot.

The Matthew Bourne version of Swan Lake is coming to Norwich in April, so I've booked tickets - it will be interesting to compare the two versions.  It will also be interesting to see how the dancers cope with the rather smaller stage in Norwich.  And goodness knows how they'll accommodate a large orchestra.

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