Silly Saturday ....

... Plainfield Rail Trail.

It was still very cold today but not as windy as yesterday.

We still wanted to get out of the house so after lunch we drove to the Plainfield Rail Trail.  As usual we took some seeds and nuts with us to leave for the chipmunk and other wildlife.  We didn't see chippy today and only saw a few birds .... too cold I guess. 

Every time we go .... and I mean EVERY time .... this beautiful male Northern Cardinal will fly down to the mirror that's closest to the woods.  And it's not just our vehicle ... it's any vehicle that happens to be parked there.  He doesn't just fly to the top of the mirror .... he also admires himself in the mirror and window reflection. We're not sure if he just likes to admire himself or it's some other reason .... but it's very, very silly!

What a silly, silly cardinal!

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