By EssyHugh

Road trip- day 6- hugh

We got up at 4 in the morning to drive to Adelaide but we stopped at Keith for breakfast. We checked out 2 bakeries but they weren't open yet. So we went to a playground to have breakfast. They was a giant train you had to push up the rail that was super fun, there was a flying fox, and we saw a tank. Then we headed off to Adelaide. We picked up Grandma from the aiport at Adelaide and we drove off to the playground to have lunch with Nan. Essy made really sharp spears and swords there that were made out of sticks and leaves. Then we went to a resturant for dinner. It was incredibly fun because there was a TV and a playground. And then we drove back to the house we are zleeping in. It is incredibly big. Then we went into bed and there were... ELECRTRIC BLANKETS!
The end

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