By EssyHugh

Road trip-day 7- essy

Today we quickly ate breakfast, then went to say bye to Nan. We took photos, talked, then left for Mildura. I'm very glad we have an air conditioned car, because on the way, the temperature outside reached 44°C ! During the one minute walk to the bakery for lunch, my whole body felt like it was cooking, especially when the wind blew. 
Luckily, the hotel we are staying has a pool. This afternoon, we were in there for hours. 
We ate dinner, then for dessert we went to a... if you've read any other recent entries of mine you can probably guess... we went to a ... COLD ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Dad had jaffa, Hugh and Henry had bubblegum and nerds, Adelaide had mint choc chip and oreo biscuits,  and I had cookies and cream with oreo biscuits.
Anyway, Adelaide and I have single beds, Hugh has a single bed next to Mum and Dad's bed, and Henry gets a double bed all to himself! Lucky duck! 

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