Pumped Up

I can't sleep again, still way too uncomfortable. I haven't been getting up at these hours since I was working.  Can't believe I ever did so voluntarily.

There's a good case to me made for not wearing boot cut jeans especially when taking a photo of your bent legs at this angle.  The big red button is an air pump to make the boot more snug.  The smaller button is to release the air.  Tried not to walk at all today except with the crutches with moderate success.

I have a bunch of those solid colored socks.  I have been noticing them on my mother's feet.  I think she's beginning to take the 'what's mine is yours' approach a little bit too close to heart.  I won't start to worry unless I see my bras start to disappear.

I was going to save this one for Flower Friday but what the heck:
Q: What did the big flower say to the little flower?
A: What's up bud?

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