By AmandaT2013

Not a great start to the week!

When a simple visit to the ladies ends up with almost the whole day spent in A&E!

The offending door is shown in my extra, but when I was walking out the door made a very loud noise, snapped back and hit my wrist as I was walking out.  My fingers wouldn't go straight so I went to the first aider for some ice but they opted for "better safe than sorry" approach and organised a taxi to A&E.  So that was where I spent the next three hours.  I didn't think it was broken, and it wasn't.  The door hit the nerve and sent my hand into spasm.  My fingers still won't stay straight and it is a bit sore.

And the door apparently had been reported on Friday afternoon, and by the time the taxi finally turned up the faulty hinge had been fixed.  It would have been better if it had been before or the door wedged open, as there is another external door so privacy would have been maintained.  Reminds me of the nursery rhyme, for the want of a nail a shoe was lost etc. etc.

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