William the Builder

William had a good day today meeting lots of people up at the Coach, eating three biscuits and a piece of chocolate. His Mum wasn't too happy about that. I must curb him another time but it's hard when all the other kids are eating too. Mind you, he did eat his lunch including a slice of Grandad's seeded wholemeal loaf. Seemed to enjoy it too.

We popped into see Sue and Kal before returning  home to see Grandad and Basil. All the toys were brought out. Great fun playing Popup Dinosaurs with Grandad.

The fly in the ointment was the fixed penalty notice on my car window when I got outside to take William out. Have been parking by the kerb for months and never had trouble before. Am going to argue it. Why is there a parking restriction for just one hour a day in the morning Mondays-Fridays?

And the silver lining? KellyAnne was passing by with her baby in a pram and her little girl in a yellow coat as I came out. The little girl was so pleased to meet William and they live only round the corner. William and I shall go to visit.

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