But she's a rat...a baby rat!  The latest addition to our family as we are the biggest softies going!  When we see a lone little rat in a pet store, we simply cannot let it stay alone, so adopt it.  I took one look at her and thought, "Mouse" so the name has stuck.  I knew I had made the right decision when she came home and saw  her new old sisters and she perked up and became so excited!  In fact she was overjoyed to see that she was not alone.  : )

When her quarantine is over, I will have to do a comparison shot.  The other two are about 10 times bigger than she is!

We are supposed to get some snow this coming weekend.  Dare I say, I hope so?  I would really like to get a few more snow photos before it is Spring  ; )

I hope your week has started well!

D x

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