Victorian Plasterwork

My house was built in 1888. It is a Victorian villa with all the accoutrements associated with buildings of that period. This includes ornate plasterwork which the Victorians included because they could. There are ceiling roses, cornices and two of these nymphs who peer down from the wall in the hall. You can see some cracks in the plaster where there has been (historic) subsidence; not surprising in a house this age. Needless to say all these intricacies are enormous dust traps but despite that I love living here and never forget how fortunate I am.

The nymphs have names - Menzies (pronounced the correct way - Ming-us) and Menzies (pronounced the incorrect way - Men-zees). Well correct according to me anyway. I'm not just sure which this one is.

The three year old will be here later for a sleepover. Otter has had a walk and Flora is asleep so I'm blipping now while I have a chance.

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