Crying Man

Crying Man, so named by my elder son, was one of the figures in the Fisher Price Garage which was his Christmas present in 1982. A big present for a wee boy and probably compensation for having a six week old baby brother. The garage has gone but the cars and figures are still around. The three year old calls this one Grumpy Man but he'll always be Crying Man to me. My son was terrified of him. He used to hide him behind books and in other places so that he didn't have to see his face. Of course sometimes he'd forget where Crying Man had been hidden and come upon him. This always caused an awful fright and usually tears.

Crying Man or Grumpy Man (or woman for that matter) seems an appropriate blip for today after yesterday's shenanigans in the Westminster Parliament.

It's a beautifully sunny but very much colder day. Cameraman and I have a very early start tomorrow as we're going to be away somewhere warmer for a few days.

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