A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

The Boss!

A mild but windy morning, Chris and I decided to walk up to St Ives for a coffee and then visit Coppice Pond.

We walked up past the village cricket and football field to have a nosy at some work going on below the new house that was built there a couple of years ago. They seem to be flattening and enclosing the land immediately below it, maybe for parking.

Coffee at The Ivy Kitchen, a new name for Lady B’s but otherwise not much changed. It was busy with lots of dogs and their owners, so everyone must be still happy with it.

We took our time around the pond, feeding as we went. The swans were well spread out but wherever we stopped to feed them the male swan appeared, with the pen alongside him, and chased the others off. We did manage to feed them all including the last one of last year’s brood not far from the feeding station. Minutes after dad (blip) saw it off and demanding food.

All the others flew past to the bottom of the pond and mum and dad immediately headed after them to chase them back up.
He’s the boss!

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