The orangerry

Our sons 21st birthday today and he is it at uni, So I hit the gym at 6 45 am for a 5k run on the dreadmill, and then went to Knole park for a walk. Mainly to deal with the missing him on his big birthday, and feeling there was a big void.
Enjoyed the walk such a grey day no photos would look particularly good, this was a lovely place with a bit of colour.

I managed to email local cake maker to uni and she made what I wanted a cake based on renewable energy, so it has a dam, solar panels and wind turbines and the all important 21!

Our daughter is in Australia for few weeks visiting her dear friends that moved out there, Byron Bay, so v empty house.

Day 8 detox we wanted to toast champagne tonight in his absence but.... no strong will power to continue and lose those lbs...

Hope everyone managing to keep to their New Year resets.. Have a lovely evening.

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