Well officially finished the 9 day detox and lost 6lbs.. BUT this little favourite Coffee will have to wait as I have seen such big changes in many areas that Im staying on it a little longer.

The food is so tasty and recipes amazing this morning again first drink of the day banana, coconut milk, and berries whizzed in blender, truly delicious, Coconut is good fat and energy provider.
I haven't been hungry at all, and no cravings as Im not eating sugar or. Bad carbs.

So very pleased not missed sugar, when I realised how much better I feel minus, caffiene, Bad fats, alcohol, wheat, milk, I wonder if joint pain from the meds may level out.
Did these things exacerbate the pain..

Let's see still hibernating but will adjust as best I can.. and plough on as Need less of me for our trip to Marrakech in March 4 nights away woooo

( Note to self!)

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