By hildasrose

Dudley's Past

We have been photographing sculptures again today and were looking for a series of five very modern sculptures representing Dudley's prehistoric past.  They were interesting, but didn't bring about much of an emotional response I'm afraid.  They were on a grassed area between a dual carriageway and a small road on a former council estate.  The houses would have had this view of Dudley Castle and the Zoo originally.  I remember loving going to see Dudley Castle when I was a child - just the view mesmerised me.  Dudley is very hilly and we went up and down some particularly steep little roads today.  I wouldn't like to be there in the snow!  And yes, Steven, we came home through Rowley Regis, stopping off in Blackheath for a very tasty breakfast.  We know how to have a good time!

Much of the rest of the day has been taken up with Mom and Dad.  They both got very upset on Sunday evening when Mom didn't know who Dad was, isn't believe she was at home, was refusing to go to bed and was extremely agitated.  Fortunately I was able to calm her down eventually and she did go to bed.  I decided that it was time to get her medication reviewed and a doctor came to see her this afternoon.  She had refused to get up this morning but as soon as I told her the doctor was there she turned on the charm (Reserved for the doctor and Vicar).  The Doctor was very good and is going to take advice on reducing some of her medication and changing some of the other things she takes.  He also wanted a urine sample.  Horror or horrors.  You might not want to read the next bit, but if you are a woman you will probably appreciate that getting a urine sample into a little pot is not an easy task for yourself, never mind for someone else... I would never ever have been a nurse and I find doing things like that for Mom extremely difficult.  This was one of those - emotionally and practically.  Anyway. I managed to capture about 1 cm in the little pot, apologised profusely to the doctor for my inadequacy, but he just about had enough to do a test and declared that she had a water infection.  I don't think she actually recognises things that are physically wrong with her sometimes and this seems to be one of those.  So Mom now has some antibiotics to add to the list of medication for a few days.  We wait to see what happens with the rest.

Then I had to wait with them for the British Legion Handyman to pay his first visit for a health and wellbeing check on the house .  He was a lovely man and is going to sort out the height of the steps into their house and some more grab rails to start with.  He fitted a key chain and supplied a carbon monoxide alarm.  He will be doing back to do work in the porch and see what else needs doing.  What a wonderful service for those who are eligible.

Violet gin tonight as a reward for a day of diligence and dedication!

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