By NellieD

31 ladies and a coal fire

Another busy day at the food bank - it's like I've never been away!

After volunteering, I went straight to host book club and we had a great turnout with 31 people in the room with 4 people coming along for the first time. We have a monthly collection for the food bank so I came away with sugar and washing up liquid plus £36 donated to the pot. With £37 from my crochet group collection on Saturday, I can buy a fair bit of stock for them to fill the gaps in the shelves.

I had a bit of a shock when I arrived at the pub to see that there was no food available - unless you were part of book club. The chef stayed just to make sure we were all fed even though she should have been on holiday. After meeting in the pub for 3 years now, they always make sure they look after the group.

There were mixed opinions on the book, The Music Shop, but you always have a much better discussion when people don't like a book as it prompts much stronger opinions.

I had really struggled with time to get a blip for today so the dying embers in the fire at the pub will have to suffice.

Quote for today:
Sometimes an ember is all we need.
- Bear Brylls

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