Desperately seeking

By clickychick

When Two's Not Company!

It was lovely to see a red squirrel in the garden this morning. I now like to be out there with them. I can put up with tail swishes, foot stamping and scolding noises!

I stayed out for a while getting some shots and then came in so that he could eat in peace. He certainly didn't think "Two's company".

Glancing out of the window at the squirrel on the bird table, I saw a movement beyond and realised there was another squirrel at the hazelnut feeder. How great to know there are 2 different squirrels coming to our garden again!

We watched with interest then picked the cameras up as we realised the far one was bounding across the lawn towards the bird table. This never ends amicably. I was amazed to actually get a shot which included both squirrels at the table, be it only momentarily. This is another instance when two's definitely not company!

In the afternoon we were back at the lodge doing more of the deep-cleaning. We took back some trim from the kitchen units which we had stripped of their damaged wood picture and hand-painted. We thought it looked OK but on Friday I'll be told if it's not suitable.

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