While on my runs

By waipushrink

Odd rockfellows

I gave my body a rest after the last couple of days working on the garden. Unfortunately, the accountant made urgent contact as I need to submit a return by the end of the week. That didn't take long to organise, but she added to it a request for the annual return info as well. That does take time, and my morning was shot.

The Tsukens wanted to go to a nearby "icecream parlour" for lunch. In the summer they also make very good pizzas, and we sat where we could watch one of the chefs, chopping wood to fire the pizza oven. My photo of that was disposable.

After we got back from lunch we had a leisurely preparation before heading to Snells Beach for high tide swimming. Even at high tide an adult has to walk out with the water little more than knee high for 800 m before the water is really good for swimming. Kids love it; at least the little ones did, and I saw a father with two little girls on boogie boards in water that was only inches deep. The fun they had (all three) was immense.

I felt in need of a walk after that and took the Pentax with the 55-300 lens, and went down to Southend of Snells Beach, and around the corner to Fidelis (Our) Beach, before coming back up the steps. It was on this walk that I saw the Torea pango (oystercatcher, black morph) close to a Masked lapwing (also called a spur winged plover). The latter is a self introduced species from Australia.

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