Recording a moment

By chrisf

The colour Magenta

Many years ago, as part of a branding exercise, the colour magenta was chosen to represent Salford. Part of the rationale was that it was one of the four colours used in colour inkjet printing (the others being black, yellow and cyan), so had a simplicity about it.

I think that was about letterheads and publications. But somehow it has spread well beyond that. Bins, vehicles, signs, pens .......

I have a magenta tie, which I have to wear when on electoral duty and when singing in public. Astonishingly, some people think it is pink. As can be seen from this magenta display board, magenta is completely different to pink :)

NB Puccini’s, the Italian restaurant in the shot, is a Swinton favourite, with a back history which takes in the Class of 92, Man Utd, and the England team. We were there last night.

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