Plus ça change...

By SooB


Work and driving pretty much sums up the day.

TallGirl had the last part of a chemistry course at Toulouse University, and I seemed to have been signed up again for taxi duties. (The other taxi parent was also the same one who did the first trip. I get that some people genuinely can’t take time off work for this sort of thing, but experience tells me that most just don’t want to.)

So, after some interesting conversations about UK politics with a boy who knew a surprising amount about Jeremy Corbyn, they skipped off to their chemistry stuff, and I sat in the bar and ploughed through a very badly written contract (I was, in fact, locked in the bar, which used to be the stuff of dreams...)

Home for pizza, watching the continuing car-crash of the House of Commons (seriously, they have confidence in the Government? Funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.)

Off to pick up Mr B, and home for a too late night catching him up on life.

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