By si_b

Week 2: Thingify Pinhole Pro - "Barn"

Ah, this "lens" works best outside I think :-) Although, on a day like today, I'd almost defy any lens to mess up ! It has been absolutely beautiful - completely freezing ( by UK standards ... +3c wind chill probably -1c ish - stop laughing in the back you Canadians and Russians ... ) but great clear blue sky photography weather.

Framing is still a matter of trial and error on the tripod ( can't see anything through the viewfinder on a DSLR ) but I'm starting to get the rough idea of the field of view when it is pointed in a particular direction. I've gotten things configured roughly so that the exposure time is down to between .5 - 4 seconds, so taking a few shots in a row isn't that challenging in order to get it right ...

For the record, this is the tithe barn at Great Coxwell - 5 minutes down the road. It has featured previously ... here & here. ( And in a few other people's too - search for "Coxwell" ).

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