By si_b

Week 2: Thingify Pinhole Pro - "Amyryllis" (FF)

Same lens - 4 second exposure - 0.25mm pinhole but today with the addition of copious amounts of handheld flash. I have some Nikon Speedlights - these can be triggered by pressing the rather sensibly named "Flash" button on the back ( which also helpfully glows when they are charged and ready to go ). I've tried various settings through the morning, but these are taken with three full strength flash bursts from two Speedlight flash guns during the four second exposure. ( One from Gun A then one from Gun B, then Gun A has recharged enough to do a second from Gun A ) inside, on this cloudy day (with a slightly bumped ISO), this seems to have done the trick. Totally different kettle of fish compared to yesterday's outing outside.

This lens really is all about light, there is nothing else to it - everything else is sheer luck* as far as I can tell !

* or persistent micro adjustments of framing and shed loads of trial and error !

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