By si_b

Week 2: Thingify Pinhole Pro - "Lens Flare"

Didn't get a blip yesterday :-( That being a major issue with a lens that - whilst a pleasure to shoot with - requires a significant amount of time investment to make it worthwhile !

I'm looking forward next week to using a "real" lens again, and will be giving myself an easy-ish week with a modern lens I think :-)

I'd recommend the experience though ( although perhaps not condemning yourself to a week's worth ! ) - it really does cement the links between aperture, shutter speed and ISO with regard to getting a good exposure - all slowed down to a time frame that you can work with ( not 1/2000th of a second ! ) and you can play with adding more light with a torch or a flash by hand, and not have to try and "synchronise" them with the camera.

I've got a new found respect for the early pioneers who were limited to not much more than this and had to develop each and every result to see if it had worked or not - not the simple glance at the back of the camera stuff we are used to now !

Without too much effort, you can make your own pinhole lens for your camera - take a look here. The tricks ( apparently ) [ from other sources ] is to use as thin a material as will work for you ( thick tinfoil, drinks can metal ) and to make the hole as sharp edged as you can. It is this that influences the ability of the camera to render a sharp image*.

If people are interested - I'll put together a pinhole challenge ( as a once off I think - I'm not sure that it could sustain more than one ! ) ? Let me know.

* for a certain value of "sharp" to be fair ! :-P

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