A friend of ours gave D two packs of these "vegan eggs" the other night. I think he might be testing them out for tea...I was amused by the packaging - inside there is just a plastic pouch of powder which you whisk up with water. Three teaspoons are the equivalent of one egg. I think they might be quite useful as an egg replacement in baking recipes or quiches, for example. Since we've been vegan (almost 2 years now!) I haven't missed eggs as part of a meal, though I so sometimes make a tofu scramble which looks a bit like scrambled eggs. 

Reading the posts on my Facebook from folk who are doing Veganuary, it seems that many of them struggle to find alternatives for milk and cheese. I've never really found a vegan cheese which tasted anything like cheese, so I tend not to bother. The same goes for fake meats. When people ask what we eat, I say its just FOOD really, but  nothing that comes from animals. Vegetables in abundance, a wide variety of pulses, nuts and seeds and different kinds of wholemeal carbs like oats, bread, rice, pasta, couscous, noodles. Fruit, soya yoghurts and occasionally ice cream. Peanut butter, marmite, olive oil, oat "milk". Stews, curries, tortilla wraps, pizzas, stirfries, chillies. We eat well!

I was pleased to hear on my way to work this morning that a diet similar to ours might not just be good for health but also for the planet.

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