Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Glorious Day

It is hard now to believe it was so cold today when you look at the brightness of the day in photos!

I had read the forecast and though the morning would be nice so I suggested going down to the lake before we went to the lodge. It was rather windy when we got there, waves were being whipped up and it was so cold we couldn't bear to stay out very long. I was taking some shots when I noticed The Man was in my shots. That was OK, he was standing nicely on the thirds lines! When I made my way down to him I realised he had a dipper in his sights. It flew off as I approached.

We went to the lodge and did some finishing off before our inspection tomorrow. The Man was out in the cold pressure-washing the decking, while I did warmer things like retrieving a rubber bone from under the settee. I should have got a pat on the head for that!

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